A group unhappy about pre-recorded music at military funerals is offering their musical talents as an alternative. T.A.P.P.S./Facebook

LAS VEGAS (KNPR’s State of Nevada) - More than a decade ago, the Pentagon developed digital devices that can be fit into the horn of a bugle and play Taps when a button is pushed.

Even though it may look like someone is playing a bugle, they are actually faking it – that is, most of the time.

Larry Ransom decided he wasn’t happy about the tinny sound of that fake bugle playing. In 2014, he co-founded T.A.P.P.S., which stands for Trumpeters Alliance to Perform Patriotic Services. He and his members actually play bugles at military funerals.

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This story originally aired April 2015. By Casey Morell, Joe Schoenmann - KNPR