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TAPS TRIBUTE | Live performances at military funerals fade, local group steps up

LAS VEGAS (KSNV News3LV) - The playing of Taps at military funerals is the final salute to America’s bravest. However, the number of trained musicians capable of performing the tribut...

Family finds closure with return of remains of MIA Korean War soldier

LAS VEGAS (Review-Journal) - Mary Moreno lived for 67 years with a hollow, empty feeling that started when her little brother went off to fight in the Korean War and grew worse when he never came...

Volunteer Group Plays Taps At Military Funerals

LAS VEGAS (KNPR’s State of Nevada) - More than a decade ago, the Pentagon developed digital devices that can be fit into the horn of a bugle and play Taps when a button is pushed. Even though it m...

Tapping A Need

When a trio of Rebels learned that the anthem "Taps" was often piped into funerals, they launched a nonprofit to bring the appropriate gravitas to ceremonies honoring veterans. LAS VEGAS (UNLV Mag...

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